Upcoming Mini Reunions

      Louisville Mini - September 20-23, 2018 (Henry Kuehn)   The date changed from September 27-30.

New Haven Mini - April 27-28, 2018  (Vince Teti and Cantor)  A program under the auspices and direction of the renowned International Securities    
Study and Grand Strategy group at Yale. The program will feature outstanding program speakers from both inside and outside the Yale faculty 
 reviewing key domestic issues, as well as critical foreign policy issues. We'll also be treated to grans tours of the recently opened new residential colleges.

      Charleston Mini - Sept/Oct 2019 (McLane, Mallory)

      Dallas/Fort Worth Mini - Sept/Oct 2020 (Pendergrass)

      60th Reunion at Yale - May 2021 (Townsend). 


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